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Elite Training for Success Program has been in full swing in the first half of 2015!

2015/7/27 9:00:30 Comments Views Sort:Information Update

The Elite Training for Success Program led by the head office of Pou Sheng International held three training sessions in the first half of 2015 and over 10+ sessions since 2013. A total of 500+ staffs from all over China took part in these sessions. During the course of training programs for 7-10 days, the head office of Pou Sheng International invited dozens of in-house or external instructors to deliver more than twenty well-designed courses to trainees, who benefited a lot from various aspects of learning and communication, including theory, practice, experiencing and sharing.

Since 2013, it comes to the attention of company that further training to the retail stores staff was necessary to further improve the effectiveness of our retail operation. As such, Pou Sheng International has arranged target-oriented training programs for more than 500 elite front-line employees, including store managers, retail supervisors and YY sports city manager, in a planned and organized manner. These activities, on one hand, have gathered practical experience of elite front-line employees, and on the other hand, have enhanced their retail theory and skill, and the improvement effects have been seen accordingly. All trainees have been able to show varying degrees of improvement in operation performance quality after returning to work. In the future, the Company will sum up experience to optimize the course and push forward this training program on an on-going basis. Also, the Company will explore an appropriate way to improve the general quality of front-line employees through peer mentoring led by outstanding staff.

To further serve the business needs of front-line retail operation and to reinforce effects of training programs, the Company has also begun to enhance the general capability of its internal trainers in China. On 21st May, 2015, a 12-day elite trainer training program was held. The head office invited professional training consultants for trainers to deliver a 5-day closed-end training program to provide the most professional guidance in respects to teaching skills, curriculum development and communication and presentation skills. A total of 47 elite trainers took part in this program and excellent results were seen. In the future, the Company will continue to arrange similar training programs.