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In preparation for the future growth, new matrix organization is put in place to further improve the management efficiency.

2015/7/27 9:00:00 Comments Views Sort:Information Update

To better adapt to the ever changing market and to achieve corporate strategic transformation needs, Pou Sheng has been making adjustments in operation transformation and organization structure improvement recently. An important initiative is to implement a matrix organization and management process for the purpose of simplifying organization hierarchy, strengthen communication efficiency, and sharing resources more effectively. In view of this, the Company, on one hand, tuned up and optimize the internal business operation processes, and set up a “Operation Leadership Team” to make quick and necessary decision, which can ensure clear and definite leadership, resource allocation, and assessment while retaining a flexible, agile and innovative decision making process; on the other hand, the Company amended, and distributed the “Manual of Approval Process” (the “Manual”) for properly delegating the operation authority of the management team internally. The Manual aligns with the new matrix organizational structure and provides delegation authority of each level of management by defining the roles and responsibilities with inter organization process of the Company. Along with the implementation of the Manual, the Company will continue to gather information and further defined missing process and will continue update and refine the Manual. Besides, the Company will also, through corporate culture building, skill training and information system reengineering, provide employees with supports in terms of values, skills and tools for further advancing matrix organization management.