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Corporate Governance

Authorized representatives WU, Pan-Tsu
FAN Kam Wing
Members of the audit committee CHEN, Huan-Chung (Chairman)
TSAI Patty, Pei Chun
FENG Lei Ming
Terms of reference - Audit Committee
Members of the remuneration committee HSIEH, Wuei-Jung (Chairman)
CHEN, Huan-Chung
LI I-nan
Terms of reference - Remuneration Committee
Members of the nomination committee WU, Pan-Tsu (Chairman)
CHEN, Huan-Chung
FENG Lei Ming
Terms of Reference - Nomination Committee
Members of the disclosure committee WU, Pan-Tsu (Chairman)
LEE, Shao-Wu
Terms of Reference - Disclosure Committee
Company secretary FAN Kam Wing