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Revamp of Official Website of Pou Sheng International and Launch of Corporate Portal

2015/7/27 9:00:20 Comments Views Sort:Information Update

As a major mean for Pou Sheng International to promote its own image, introduce its core business, and present its cultural to the public, the prudently designed official website of Pou Sheng International has been revamped and duly launched after discreet planning. In order to meet the need of the Company’s overall development, the official website is an important initiative for the Company to express and present its cultural, visions and actions to investors, consumers and those who are interested in Pou Sheng in a systematic way. The new official website shows the public a brand-new visual presentation with abundant and updated contents, and will be maintained in a timely and accurate manner, which will serve as a communication mean between Pou Sheng International and the public.

At the same time, in view of the Company’s massive distribution network of outlets, an enterprise information portal (the “EIP”) for enhancing the quality and efficiency communication among the Company’s internal management team has also been enabled. This will significantly improve the circulation of information about the Company’s businesses, management systems, work flows and tools, ensuring the messages can be communicated to every single employee in a timely manner, and also can bring about great convenience for employees’ reference and implementation at work. In addition, via this portal, employees can also access other network application platforms of the Company, e.g. the E-learning training platform. The EIP system of Pou Sheng International will be further enrich and improve to play an important role in the future.