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YYsports Cooperate with Mr. Guo Ailun to Step on a New Dream Journey

2017/2/8 11:44:18 Comments Views Sort:Information Update

On June.30th,2016, Mr. Guo Ailun, starting point guard of China National Basketball Team, endorsed YYsports and shouldered the mission of “CEO(Chief Experience Officer)”,full of leadership and appetency.

Mr. Guo Ailun says frankly, I increasingly feel the booming sports industry in China. As a professional basketball player, I hope to contribute my share. I am very honored to cooperate with YYsports, channel brand of Pousheng International, which has considerable influence in sports industry. In the future, I hope to promote the development of basketball and other sports in China together with YYsports.

In recent years, YYsports has continuous break-through and innovation in sports industry. Mr. Guo Ailun's healthy and shiny image accords with YYsports' brand DNA of "Healthiness, Leisure, Sports, Fashion and Green". It's a strong-strong collaboration.

YYsports is commited to provide diversified products, all-around consumption experience and service for members and consumers in sports and leisure field, raise their quality of life and achieve their health dream.

What declares the start of youth?Dare to experience. Let experience surpass experience. In 2017, youth starts here.