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New Channel, New Image

2015/12/31 14:30:59 Comments Views Sort:Information Update

On 29 November 2015, the construction of Suzhou Eslite Spectrum Commercial Centre was completed. Eslite Spectrum YY multi-brand store located inside the centre was opened simultaneously, which was undertaken by Wuxi district of Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Limited (“Pou Sheng”).

Suzhou Eslite Spectrum Commercial Centre is located in the Northeast side of the glamorous Suzhou Jinji Lake with area of 56,000m2, which is the first store opened in the PRC by the Eslite Group, one of the top three famous representatives in Taiwan, namely National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 and Eslite Bookstore. With the concern of the CEO of Pou Chen Group and the guidance of the CEO and business heads of Pou Sheng, Wuxi district has actively negotiated with Eslite and opened YY sports multi-brand store and YY life multi-brand store with approximately area of 300m2 grouping  dozens of first line brands and self-owned brands into one store. Since its opening, the store has attracted customers by its new store image, rich products and quality services and the sales performance is satisfactory.

Suzhou Eslite Spectrum YY multi-brand store represents a latest exhibition of new channel, new image of Pou Sheng. The district staff have confidence that Suzhou Eslite Spectrum YY multi-brand store will improve both in image and performance with the support from headquarter and efforts of all staff. They are confident in turning it into a famous representative of Wuxi district, or even in Pou Sheng.




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